Dr. Benjamin Hu

about us

In Ohio, laser hair removal is regulated by licensure from the State Medical Board. This means that when you look for laser hair removal in the state of Ohio, your treatments will be performed by trained and qualified medical professionals.

Similarly, Botox injection should be administered by a licensed physician or a RN supervised by a physician.

Our laser hair removal, microcurrent, and light therapy are performed by our technicians with over 17 years of experience in the medical field and 14 years of experience in laser hair removal. Licensed by the Medical Board of Ohio since 2003, our technicians have performed over 40,000 laser treatments and are supervised by Benjamin V. Hu, M.D., our licensed physician director.

Besides Advanced Body Concepts, Dr. Hu also has an ophthalmology practice with an in-office optical shop for over 26 years in the Cleveland area. Dr. Hu specializes in diseases and surgeries of the eyes, and he has years of Botox training and experience, especially on Botox injection around the eye area.

Always interested in minimally-invasive treatments on the mind and body, Dr. Hu has investigated many advanced technologies. Recently he brought Nexalin therapy to Cleveland. With no harmful side effects and no pain, Nexalin can harness and reset the power of the brain and the body to work together to create a state of healing and relaxation.

Nexalin therapy is highly effective for people with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, but Dr. Hu has used it to treat patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuralgic pain, ADHD, addiction, and Parkinson's. After Nexalin treatment for his own painful frozen shoulder injury, Dr. Hu was able to shorten the healing from an average of 2.5 years to a few months. For more information, please visit our centers' websites: www.nexalintherapycenters.com and www.mindandbodycrockerpark.com.